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Sensei Dmytro Boklashchuk.

IBU KyodoKyokushin Vice President Sensei Dmytro Boklashchuk from Ukraine.
He was several times finalist of Ukrainian Championships and finalist of Ukraine Cup (IKO). In 2013 Sensei was in final 8 of European Championships. In 2016 he got 3 rd place in Dream Cup in Tokio. In 2018 Sensei became IBU World Champion in Masters category.
Sensei Dmytro Boklashchuk is also great organiser. He organised several tournaments and those events were very high level. He was organiser of IBU KyodoKyokushin European Cup in 2018 and World Cup in 2019 with more than 400 fighters.
He also traveled to other countrys to share his knowladge and develop KyodoKyokushin Organisation.
In his Branch in Ukraine he have more than 600 sportsmens.
Sensei Dmytro as our Vice President will for sure bring KyodoKyokushin Organisation to the top level.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin